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Email List {DGL}
The Dallas Gothics ~

A communications forum for gothically-inclined people of the
Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and surrounding areas.
Join today to keep up with gothic music, events, fashion,
and discussions of goth topics.

Please Note:
We have limitations on membership to the list -- please read the following carefully before attempting to request subscription to our list:

1. You must be 18+ years to be a member.

2. If you live outside of the Metroplex area, but are interested in joining a Southwest area gothic email list, we urge you to join the Southwest Gothics List. If you live elsewhere, we recommend joining a list for your area. Here's a great resource for Texas and Southwest regional lists.

3. You must make yourself familiar with our list use guidelines, The List Commandments. Please read them before posting notes to the list, or you could be unsubscribed for noncompliance. Also, since list conversations are sometimes repetitive and you are new to this list, please read our FAQ to safeguard yourself from irritating us by starting up a conversation which has been overly hashed out already.

Conditional to the above limitations, anyone is welcome to join -- we just require that you donate a small amount of blood. Just kidding! We don't stand big on formality. The list includes discussions on gothic-related subjects of interest to our members. We discuss music, bands, clubs, fashion, and virtually anything else. An events list is emailed to the members with some frequency, including events elsewhere in Texas and across the world (note the events list emailed out to subscribers is likely more up-to-the-minute than the events list on our homepage). We occasionally meet up for dinner before concerts or other social events, too.

WARNING: the Dallas Gothics List has become a high-traffic zone. We now have upwards of 300 members, and dozens of notes are posted per day or week. If you are concerned about the volume of notes, go into yahoogroups where we are now hosted and enter "My Space". The first time you enter yahoogroups you will have to register to get your password to enter "My Space". Use the email address with which you are subscribed to the Dallas Gothics List. In "My Space", enter the dallasgoths eGroup link, and click "Modify Subscription". Under "Delivery Mode", you can select "daily summaries", "daily full-text digest" or "read it on the Web only". Any of these may help you reduce quantities of email notes from clogging your in-box.

This list was spun-off of the SouthWest Gothics List, which contained a couple hundred members from Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and New Mexico. Each year, the SWGothlist has traditionally held a HUGE party celebrating the Death of the Old Year. This event is held annually at New Years and is called the Funeral Party. For more information about the history of the Dallas Gothics list, click here.

How This Works:

Our email list is run off of a Listserver. Any subscriber to the list may email a note to the list address (dallasgoths@yahoogroups.com), and that note will be automatically sent on out to all other subscribers. In this way, it is possible to carry out entire conversations in an open forum type of arrangement.

If you are shy or unsure, hang out on the list for a while and read the emails sent out to see what it's like (of course, you will then be known as a "lurker"). If you do not send any notes to the central address, no one will know that you are on the list, and no one will have your email address. No one is required to be listed on our webpages at all. We respect each other's privacy.

Again, please Read Our Guidelines *Before* Joining:

Check out the List Commandments before you subscribe.

How to Subscribe:

Send a blank email note from the address you wish to have subscribed to: dallasgoths-subscribe@yahoogroups.com
The automated software will send you a confirmation note you will need to respond to in order to finalize the subscription once we approve your subscription request.

How to Send Email:

Send notes to: dallasgoths@yahoogroups.com

WE DO NOT TOLERATE SPAMMING! Spammers will be removed from the list, permanently blocked, and a complaint note will be emailed to your service provider. Spam is unsolicited email, generally of a commercial promotional-type nature which frequently has nothing to do with the subject matter of this list. If you wish to publicise an event or product which you feel may be of interest to this list, please send the item to The Cabal. Do not merely hop on the list, post your promotional note and then hop off again--this rude behavior will make us all hostile towards your endeavor.

How to Unsubscribe:

Send a blank email note from the address you wish to have unsubbed to: dallasgoths-unsubscribe@yahoogroups.com
Or, log into your settings on yahoogroups and remove yourself via the online interfaces.

Difficulty Subscribing?

Subscription requests may take a few hours or so to be acted upon. Any difficulties, contact The Cabal for assistance.



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